Company Overview

Enerwise Global Technologies is an energy infrastructure management, demand response and renewable energy services and technology provider that enables commercial and industrial customers to reduce energy consumption and total costs, improve energy infrastructure reliability and make informed decisions on energy and renewable energy purchases and programs. The Enerwise organization possesses over 25 years of expertise in these deliverables and an experienced staff that understands the complexities of ISO programs, energy management strategies and the competencies required to provide a complete solution from energy analysis and identification of baseline load through the deployment of load curtailment technology, 24/7 remote power monitoring and control systems and managing their customer's energy credit process.

The thing that makes Enerwise special is its people and their dedication to their customer's facilities, systems and energy programs. These experienced engineers, analysts, and technicians regard client engagements as personal investments - as if they were solving their own problems and managing their own budgets. They routinely develop and refine highly scalable and effective energy management strategies and load reduction programs. They also look beyond the obvious and find ways to further leverage technology to improve their customers business.

Enerwise services are delivered directly to commercial and industrial customers and through their strong Channel Partner network. This network of Utilities, Energy Service Providers and Energy Supply Companies works with Enerwise to deliver custom solutions to meet specific Channel Partner requirements and end-customer objectives.

Managing and administering over 1600 megawatts of demand response and renewable energy load from its headquarters in suburban Philadelphia, Enerwise is renown for providing responsible energy management programs, practices and services to hundreds of domestic and international commercial and industrial customers, including more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

On July 23rd, 2007 Comverge, Inc. acquired Enerwise Global Technologies creating the largest demand response company in the industry. For more information on Comverge please go to